Entry 2


What if

Every time I wanted you

I talked to myself instead

Could I fall in love with me too?


I came to you Light & Love

So that we could birth the most beautiful babies

Ones that represent who I was, who I am, and who I will be.

After being with you

After living life in you

Babies that remind me - 

Mama, you are worthy.


What did you do this weekend?

I spent this weekend daydreaming.

I dreamt of the home I’ll have

Of the man who will have me

Of the light that will shine

And the laughter that will share. 

I dreamt of the ease from a cup overflowing,

The mess from which I will gladly pick up. 

I dreamt of the power I’ve found

And it’s overwhelming trajectory of growth.

So much so that it left me feeling rested in this

Restless act of creating a life I have not yet lived.

I spent this weekend daydreaming. 

What did you do this weekend?

- An honest answer to a not always honest question.


She greets you with her warmth as soon as you push through the door. 

It’s as if she’s done nothing but bask in the sun and wait for you to return. 

Her soul’s purpose is to be there for you, for without you she’s empty. 

Her home is where your heart is.


There’s something about seeing myself through your eyes

The glisten of true beauty and adoration

An unfiltered ability to see all that’s great in me

It feels impossible to do alone

So instead I seek the high of my reflection in you

This feels raw - like too much honesty to be shared

I think that just means I’m getting somewhere.

PoetryDevin Wilson